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No longer content with “just Haze,” both growers and connoisseurs alike have sought a Hazier counterpoint in recent years. This strain features all of the benefits of the original Haze, minus its typical horticultural challenges. Atomical Haze is a highly medicinal strain known for its stress reducing cannabinoids.

More About This Strain

A three-way Sativa dominant hybrid.


 Atomical Haze is an interesting combination of genetic profiles. Foregoing Sativa- and Indica-only breeding, this Haze instead focuses on a complex intermingling of Haze and a variety of landrace strains; like those from Colombia, Mexico, and Thailand, with Afghan and Indian cross. It’s one classic strain crossbred with another, to classic effect. The addition of Afghan and Indian genetics helps Atomical Haze even out those unflattering Haze phenotypes – shortening its flowering period while increasing its yields.


Taste: Similar to its complex aroma, Atomical Haze boasts a smooth, sweet, and sour taste. Like fresh fruits at your local farmers market, the smell of freshly sliced pineapples, perfectly ripe kiwis, and other similarly flavored morsels abound. Exhaling the fruity smoke, you can taste it morph into more of the hazy hit you’re used to.

Scent: In some Hazes, the Haze scent is overpowering. In others, it is but an afterthought. Atomical Haze is of the latter variety. While you’ll still be tempted by the typical Haze musk, Atomical Haze has an intriguing terpene profile. The smell remains intense but is more of a sweet-sour hybrid. If not downright fruity, the scent remains firmly entrenched on the sweeter side of the terpene spectrum.

Appearance: The original Pretty Woman, Atomical Haze is characterized by her long dark green leaves, frosty-white calyxes, and conical shaped flowers; dusted in trichomes, her orange pistils climb their way up the buds under the same white blanket of resin. Like a Bob Ross painting, the result is a perfectly blended masterpiece of green hues, orange swirls and whites highlights. Truly a work of horticultural art.


Type: Hybrid

Strain Family: Haze

Origin: India


How high will this strain get you:




  • Alert
  • Aroused
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Euphoric
  • Giggly
  • Happy
  • Inspired


  • ADD
  • Back Pain
  • Depression

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