The Scoop

A Reserva Privada special and another LA Confidential offspring (merged with Exodus Cheese), Confidential Cheese may be a relative newcomer to the SoCal scene, but it’s quickly gaining a reputation as possessing some connoisseur grade genetics.  The combination of SkunkinessCheese, and an OG aura makes it a sinfully delicious strain, both by scent and taste. Confidential Cheese hits you quickly right behind the eyes and in the temples. The head buzz is uppity, soaring and euphoric, while the body effects take several more minutes to take full effect. Accompanied with the great head buzz is a body high matched by few. The body stone is comprised of pain killing and muscle relaxing qualities that relax the mind, as well as the body making for overall serene feeling.

More About This Strain

Confidential Cheese is a wonderful indica that combines the potency and flavor from the LA Confidential, with the taste, and nose of the Exodus Cheese. The outcome of these two strains crossed is truly incredible and that is why all connoisseurs must try the Confidential Cheese! The flavor, aroma, and effects all make her one of the indicas on the market today, and although she is relatively new, keep your eyes and ears open for Confidential Cheese, because she will be taking home lots of awards!


Confidential Cheese was born and bred by the Reserva Privada Team in California, using the most elite genetics. Using an old school LA classic, LA Confidential, the Reserva Privada team was able to take the legendary. This strain is soon to be everywhere, as it just started making its way around the SoCal MMJ scene.


Taste: Confidential Cheese has a very strong taste of gouda cheese, along with a pine, hashy flavor that coats the tongue. These intense flavors are followed by a sweet , blueberry flavor that coats the palate and makes the mouth salivate. Confidential Cheese has a very cheesey, piney inhale, with the hashy exhale of a full flavor kush. Confidential Cheese leaves an electric aftertaste of old cheese (in a good way) and blueberries in your mouth and can be on the breath hours after this herb has been smoked.The taste of Confidential Cheese is purely magical, and is easily one of its best traits.

Scent: Confidential Cheese hits you in the face with its pungent scent. The overpowering cheese smell takes to life as it fills your nostril with sweet gouda scent that gets the mouth watering. This gouda scent is accompanied by a skunky pine, that can be traced back to Confidential Cheese’s LA Confidential parent. Both of these scents marry to make one hell of an aroma, and this bud will have your nose in your jar all day long!

Appearance: Confidential Cheese has dense long spears for colas. These buds are lime green with orange and red hairs running wild throughout the bud. Confidential Cheese has a frosty layer of crystals caked all over it’s buds, and these crystals can be blinding at times. Confidential Cheese has dense and round buds , also with rounded calyxes that are drenched with THC.

Texture: This stuff is that sticky icky. The nugs stick to each other in the jar or bag, and are oozing with THC. A grinder isn’t only recommended, but is needed for this herb!


Type: Indica

Strain Family: Cheese

Origin: California


How high will this strain get you:




  • Euphoric
  • Inspired
  • Relaxed


  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite
  • Back Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neck Pain
  • Seizures