The Scoop

An intense smelling strain created from DJ Short’s Blueberry gene pool, Grape Krush brings together those awesome and relaxing Indica attributes we all know and love. This Grape crushes anxiety, chronic pain, sleeplessness, and depression while transporting the consumer to nirvana.  A true Hybrid in the every sense of the word, this sweet and flavorful alternative to the OG Blueberry, is a strain you won’t soon forget. A rare find at the normal Dispensary, searching for Grape Krush will likely leave you scouring the internet … searching for a D that carries these tasty nugs.

More About This Strain

Embracing the selected phenotype for its specific aroma and taste, the Grape Krush flavor tends to linger on the taste buds for what seems like days. A site to behold at full maturation, Grape Krush provides a bountiful yield for the skilled cultivator, making it the ideal strain for both growers and smokers. Soaring, euphoric, and blissful, make sure you’re ready to relax for at least a few hours. Particularly important, Grape Krush cultivates a restorative mindset that’s known to last for up to 2 hours. Producing an elevated head and body high that’s accompanied by a warm and relaxing sensation, Grape Krush also has some major pain killing qualities. A perfect mid-afternoon smoke, Grape Krush will inspire those working masses trudging through their 9-to-5 routine.


Like most valuable discoveries, Grape Krush was born when DJ Short was experimenting with his Blueberry strain. Crossbred and hybridized, Grape Krush is one of DJ Shorts best strains. Prevalent in California and Colorado, this coveted strain is praised by cultivators from coast-to-coast.


Taste: Grape Krush’s flavor is out of this world, leaving your taste buds in a grape-like orbit! Reminiscent of Grandma’s fresh made grape jelly crossed with a hint of bubblegum, this palate cleansing strain is truly a connoisseur’s delight. Pleasing astute 420 fans from New York to Oregon, Grape Krush’s sweet terpenes are complemented by their rich hints of cream, pine, and skunk – all of which can be tasted on this herb’s exhale. Providing one of the better tasting strains within the 420 world, Grape Krush is like Trader Joe’s $2 Buck Chuck; tasty and affordable but not overpowering.

Scent: Think old school bazooka bubblegum crossed with an artificial grape flavor … the aroma fills your olfactory with joy as the mouth begins to water. An east coast favorite, this herb smells and tastes incredible. A pungent sack to be sure, her enhanced grape scent, similar to that of the grape jolly ranchers, tickles the nose and makes the mouth water uncontrollably. Warning: This flower is a super pungent strain and reeks to high heaven. Be prepared when consumed indoors.

Appearance: Ranging from emerald green to a dark magenta, the Grape Krush color spectrum is wide and varied. Enjoying long thick buds that resemble the size and shape of a pinecone, Grape Krush pumps out copious amounts of purplish, green flowers loaded with THC-encrusted trichomes. Sticky, stoney, and featuring outstanding bag appeal, Grape Krush’s swollen calyxes are drenched in mind-altering cannabinoids.

Texture: A real Kief Chief by design, this herb can be difficult to handle without tools. Save her cannabinoids and your cash by shredding this lady with your favorite grinder for a better burning joint.


Type: Hybrid

Strain Family: Afghan

Origin: California, U.S.


How high will this strain get you:




  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Sociable


  • Anxiety
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Spasms
  • PTSD
  • Seizures