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The Scoop

Thanks to the skilled cultivators at Greenhouse Seeds (GS) and Arjan’s genetic ingenuity, this GS version of Strawberry Haze is relatively easy to grow, both inside and out. With crazy bag appeal, she tastes and smells like a tropical paradise.

More About This Strain

This 70% Sativa-dominant hybrid really makes good use of its genetic lineage. Northern Lights and Haze on the father’s side lend themselves to the high yields and grow resiliency. Strawberry Haze’s Swiss Sativa mother gives the strain the sweet berry aroma and taste.


So Arjan, Green House Seed’s master breeder in the early days, toiled over this strain for a few years. Finally, in 2006, he introduced it to the world, where it promptly won 1st prize among Green House’s other strains at their own panel. It’s a good strain for haze aficionados who don’t want a huge plant.


Taste: The terpenes in this strain tastes like schnazberries. Well, sort of. As in most strains, Strawberry Haze’s terpenes in flavonoids represent a slightly toned-down version of the strains scent. You’ll still taste the sweet nectar of these nuggets, but at a slightly more subdued level. Of course, with any good smoke, there are hints of the earthy goodness that is cannabis at its most simplistic level, but Strawberry Haze remains a sweet strain nonetheless.

Scent: When we say the Swiss Sativa’s sweetness comes through in Strawberry Haze’s flavors and scents, we aren’t kidding. Open the jar and grind up some of this sweet Sativa and you’ll be hit with all sorts of pleasant-smelling aromas like strawberries, melons, and flowers. It is one of the sweetest smelling strains I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing in quite some time.

Appearance: Strawberry Haze doesn’t really look much like a strawberry. It’s round light green calyxes sprout from long, narrow dark green leaves. The pistils are a yellowish orange and are prominent. Covered in frosted trichomes, the flower appears almost fluorescent green to the point of being neon.

Texture: One nug, two nugs, three nugs, floor. GS’s Strawberry Haze packs a seriously potent punch in its conical shape flowers. Known for its height, the Strawberry Haze plant stretches to the sky, producing clusters of buds that are densely packed and rock-hard to the touch.


Type: Sativa

Strain Family: Haze

Origin: Netherlands


How high will this strain get you:




  • Alert
  • Attentive
  • Happy
  • Inspired


  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Neck Pain

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